How can you take your app to the next level with AppGallery?

Mobile applications development is crucial in order to improve the service or product you offer to the user, increase the visibility and closeness to your community, attract new audiences, differentiate and generate a greater increase in sales.

Due to the leading role of this type of service in today’s digital society, the developers, the professionals in charge of creating and developing these applications and services, become an esential part of the process. Having good information in the world of programming and application development is very important. Developers have to be up to date with new standards, protocols, language… to be able to continue to stand out and develop the necessary technical skills. But how can developers offer their community quality applications for an improved experience?

AppGallery, Huawei’s official application distribution platform, has a community of almost 2 million developers to whom the company provides all the tools and technology necessary for the successful and beneficial integration of their applications into AppGallery. This makes their applications work better and offer a better experience on Huawei devices worldwide.

A universe open to developers and companies with which Huawei works closely and that currently has 500 million users, a portfolio of 100.000 applications integrated in HMS Core and 295 billion downloads globally.

Thus, Huawei provides developers and companies with an open platform where it offers technical support and mentoring throughout the full application life cycle, from creation to implementation and data analysis: AppGallery Connect. All of this through a total of 57 services that include kits, services and engine, as well as a professional four steps security and privacy system to ensure that all application services incorporated into the platform are reliable and secure for users.

In addition to the support and assistance in the process of creating and integrating APIs or SDKs, AppGallery is also committed to opening up new local and international markets thanks to its in-depth knowledge of industry trends at the national level, as well as the characteristics of users. This allows Huawei to reduce the barriers to entry in the Chinese market by helping to identify potential obstacles and challenges with precision and efficiency that will allow developers to access great business opportunities.

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