Finalists of the Virtual South Summit: Sustainability

We are proud to announce the 8 finalists for the Virtual South Summit in Sustainability Startup Competition, the fourth encounter of the joint initiative with IE University.

More than 180 startups have participated in the competition from more than 30 countries with more than 65% international participation. The international projects are predominantly from: United States, India, Germany, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Netherlands, France, Italy.

These are the top 8 Sustainability startups:

–       Biosolvit [Brazil] A natural, effective and efficient oil absorber made from palm fibers discarded in many crops around the world that allows the reuse of absorbed oil.

–       Breeze Technologies [Germany] provides an environmental intelligence platform that delivers hyperlocal comprehensive and accurate air quality data from public and private data sources.

–       Carbon Upcycling Technologies [Canada] converts CO2 emissions into nanomaterial powders to enhance plastics, coatings, adhesives, concrete, batteries, and pharmaceuticals while reducing their greenhouse emissions.

–       ClimateTrade [Spain] is platform provides transparency and security with peer to peer transactions by creating an ecosystem where everyone can easily and safely offset their carbon footprint by investing in sustainable projects with the highest certified quality standards.

–       Cuantix [Chile] is a cloud-based platform that helps companies understand, measure, and manage their social and environmental impact making it accessible to all types of organizations.

–       InfinityBox [India] is creating a circular economy for recyclable and environment-friendly food packaging containers that can be reused more than 100 times.

–       Mi Terro [United States] is giving food waste a new life by transforming casein proteins from excess milk into soft, sustainable, and affordable fibers that can apply to apparel, medical appliances, bed linen and packaging film.

–       Naturbeads [United Kingdom] is scaling up a manufacturing process to produce natural and biodegradable microbeads produced from renewable and sustainable resources like cellulose.

All of them will be pitching their projects in front of a jury with top of notch investors from Softbank, Beringea, Northzone, Elaia, Demeter, BStartup or Seaya Ventures as well as leading corporations in the industry such as Enel, IBM, Enagas or Sacyr.

The winner of the Startup Competition will fast track to be a South Summit 2020 finalist.

Would you like to see them all pitching on Virtual South Summit? Register now!

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