Finalists Virtual South Summit: e-Challenge in Connectivity & Data

We are proud to announce the 8 finalists for the e-Challenge in Connectivity & Data, the second encounter of thejoint initiative with IE University, Virtual South Summit.

Almost 80 startups have participated in the competition from more than 20 countries with 70% international participation. The international projects are predominantly from: United States, Germany, Israel, Singapore, United Kingdom, India, Mexico, France, Italy.

These are the top 8 Health & Wellbeing startups:

–       Aircision [Netherlands] is developing the most reliable free-space optics (FSO) system in the world to provide a telecom-grade solution for connecting cell towers in the 5G networks.

–       Alias Robotics [Spain] is a cybersecurity firm focused on robots that creates ‘RIS’, an immune system for robots.

–       Getin [Mexico] provides a solution to measure store traffic with the goal of optimizing labor, marketing performance, merchandising and real estate investments.

–       SDX [Spain] allows data consumers to perform secure analysis on top of provider’s data without getting direct access to it.

–       ObjectBox [Germany] enables sustainable and scalable digitalization with a high-performance base technology for Edge Computing: a high performance edge database and data synchronization solution.

–       Placense [Israel] is a location intelligence company that provides businesses with the link between consumer behaviour and their physical location.

–       PTGEM [Singapore] app helps companies optimize their time, costs and performance by bringing their physical space into the digital world through a 3D visualization pulling real-time data of daily operations.

–       Telicomm [Israel] enables camera connectivity over cellular networks, breaking through traditional boundaries of limited cellular bandwidth.

All of them will be pitching their projects in front of a jury with top notch investors such as Rakuten Capital, Softbank, Northzone, Profounders or Notion VC, as well as leading corporations in Connectivity & Data industry such as Samsung, Telefónica or Ericsson.

The winner of the Startup Competition will fast track to be a South Summit 2020 finalist.

Would you like to see them all pitching on Virtual South Summit? Register now!

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