Finalists Virtual South Summit: e-Challenge in Health & Wellbeing

We are proud to announce the 8 finalists for the e-Challenge in Health & Wellbeing of the joint initiative with IE University, Virtual South Summit.


Almost 200 startups have participated in the competition from more than 37 countries with 65% international participation. The international projects are predominantly from: USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Canada, Mexico and South Africa

These are the top 8 Health & Wellbeing startups:


       Evermood [Germany] is an app that uses customized routines and interactive content such as meditations and breathing exercises to help employees integrate healthy habits of relaxation, stress reduction and increased productivity. 

       Medicsen [Spain] has developed the first portable needle-free syringe: the smartpatch, a wearable, painless, standardisable & safe transdermal drug-delivery system.

       Medicus AI [Austria] is a smart platform that interprets and translates traditional cryptic medical reports and health data into easy-to-understand, personalized health insights and explanations, test recommendations and on-going health and lifestyle tips.

       Mediquo [Spain] is a medical chat whose objective is to provide the user with the specialized attention of a doctor at any time of the day, in an unlimited way and with an answer in less than two minutes.

       MicroQuin [United States] has developed intravenous, peptide-based, drugs that selectively induce cancer cell death and inhibit metastasis – with minimal/no toxicity. 

       Phagomed [Austria] develops precision anti-bacterials that work where antibiotics fail. Using the principles of directed evolution, they naturally engineer phages (viruses that infect and kill bacteria) to hunt and kill pathogenic bacteria, resulting in precision pharmaceuticals that have the potential to revolutionize the first-line treatment for persistent bacterial infections.

       StethoMe [Poland] allows people to have a basic medical examination using a wireless stethoscope that, through the use of AI, collects data and sends it to the family doctor to make the diagnosis without leaving home.

       Vula [South Africa] is an application that facilitates patient referral, putting primary health care workers directly in contact with specialists on call, making the process much faster.


All of them will be pitching their projects in front of a jury with top notch investors from Softbank, Northzone, Axa Venture Partners, Ysios Capital, Idinvest or Inveready, as well as leading corporations in Health & Wellbeing industry such as Merck, Novartis, Lilly, Nestlé or Bimbo.


The winner of the Startup Competition will fast track to be a South Summit 2020 finalist.

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