Must-Have Apps for an Entrepreneur’s Smartphone

Happy New Year!

Maybe it’s a little late to say it, but as this is the first post of 2020, you weren’t going to get away without it. Besides, we’re convinced it’s going to be a great and joyful year. Why? Well, one of the reasons is that we already have dates for the next edition of South Summit Madrid! It will be held from October 6th to 8th and, as we know you don’t want to miss out on the tickets, they are already available on our website.

We wanted to start this year with a necessary post that many entrepreneurs will appreciate: the essential apps in the smartphone of an entrepreneur. Mobile phones have become one of the most important work tools that exist, and much more for any startup, as their frantic pace of work forces them to be on the move. Thanks to many applications, one can learn in a second everything that happens in the world and in their company.

However, it is true that many times we do not know how to get the most out of our phones and instead download apps incessantly that end up taking up unnecessary space. For this reason, we are going to recommend five that every good entrepreneur should have:

1. Slack: This is the perfect app for those entrepreneurs who need to be in constant communication with their team but can’t do it physically. With Slack, you can organize conversations by topic, make calls or send messages to any teammate who is included in the project, as well as cross out pending items from a task list. It’s also available on all devices.

2. Adobe Scan: This application is the same as having a scanner in your pocket. Entrepreneurs handle a lot of important documents that they have to send by email. While taking a picture of them is not very professional, Adobe scan allows you to scan any document to convert it into a pdf with recognized text.

3. SignEasy: another common task an entrepreneur must do every day is to sign mountains of documents as if they were a pop star at a record signing. The problem? Most of them are online and not easy to print, sign and scan before resending. This app allows you to sign documents online and is so easy that even the most technologically challenged will know how to use it.

4. CamCard: how many times has it happened that an entrepreneur meets someone super interesting to do business with, gives them their card only for them to lose it. With this app it will never happen again, since it allows you to scan the contact of the cards and instantly upload them to the cloud so that you never lose a single contact.

5. Anfix: another major concern for entrepreneurs is accounts: balance sheets, keeping receipts up to date, etc. This app is an invoicing and accounting software that allows you to have all the information in real time and on a single platform.

Downloading these apps, can help you be much more efficient as an entrepreneur. But, remember, they are not a one trick pony! If you want to become the new unicorn in the ecosystem, you must work hard.

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